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Autumn in South China---Hangzhou


China’s famed writer Yudafu has written prose which compliments the northern autumn in China, however he hasn’t noticed the beauty present in the South of China. As one of the most famous cities in the Southern China, Hangzhou city boasts breathtaking scenery.

Promenade around temple, Inebriated in laurels under the moon. Recumbency on circumvallation, watching tide at noon”, Baijuyi (Famous poet in ancient China) wrote this beautiful verse in Hangzhou. The moon, laurels and tide has symbolized the autumn in Hangzhou since ancient China.

As we know, people in China appreciate the full moon during the mid-autumn festival. So accordingly, people in Hangzhou usually come to Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake to spend the night, which is one of the ten sceneries of the West Lake and owns the most favorable location to enjoy the full moon.


There’s a Chinese Saying: Golden autumn in October, osmanthus fragrance. Osmanthus is the City Flower of Hangzhou. When the autumn comes, the city is infused with the fragrance of osmanthus. Since the Ming Dynasty, Manjuelong Village has been well known for its osmanthus trees. On weekend, people drive to Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village, and spend their weekend drinking tea and enjoying the little, tiny yellow flower---osmanthus.


Another splendid sight of Hangzhou in autumn is the Qiantang River Tides. The Qiantang River Tides is one of three famous Tides in the world (The rest of the three are the Ganges River Tides and the Amazon Tides). During late September and early October, people across the country travel from afar to Qiantang River to enjoy the spectacular view.


The beauty of Autumn is easy to find. May you enjoy this magical season of the year with us.