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Our complete product brochure is free to download. Century's products have been also widely used in the Global Laundry, Apparel, Retail, IT Assets, Vehicle Management and Healthcare.

TLink Series
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RFID tags can help IT data center to establish real-time asset management and monitoring system, personnel tracking and positioning management solutions. By using RFID technology, enterprises can realize transparent management of assets. It can completely reduce the traditional high cost, high time consuming and inaccurate asset management, so as to master the information of the dynamic assets at any time, and bring better return on investment.
  • Commando CE38006

  • ZipTag CE36037

  • Commando-X CE36036

  • Metalion L™: Printable On-metal Label CE38004

  • iFlex-S CE36035

  • iFlex-M CE36026

  • iFlex-L CE36030

  • Commando-M CE36029

  • Commando-L CE36039

  • Commando-V CE36003

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